5 Top Small Business Marketing Blunders You Should Never Commit

There are tons of small business resources available both online and offline. Many of these resources can help you to avoid mistakes that others before you have made, thereby saving you time and money. Let’s talk about the five most common small business mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Don’t make a website or own websites that are outdated – Without a proper website, your business is practically non-existent. In addition, if your site was built eight years ago, it is likely to be very outdated according to today’s standards.

Outdated websites are not as easy to find in the search engines and they don’t really create a confident or respectable business image. There are a lot of free small business resources online that can help you make your website look professional and stay up to date. A simple Google or Yahoo search will bring up thousands of results to choose from.

2. Don’t limit your marketing on just one method – While the introduction of the Internet has enabled buyers and prospective buyers to browse and shop at their own pace, direct mail is still a very important part of the marketing process.

3. Don’t spend all your money on PPC – PPC or pay-per-click advertising works, but it has to be used properly, or else you could stand to lose a lot of money. PPC campaigns, if used correctly can drive a lot of quality traffic to your website.

Establish your company’s reputation first, and then use PPC in addition to your existing marketing strategies. There are many small business resources available on learning PPC and understanding how the process works, and informing yourself as early as possible will help you to avoid very costly mistakes in the future.

4. Don’t spam or bombard people with ads – A lot of business owners think that loud explosions are a way to get customers, either through email, direct mail or spamming. Although you will be getting the attention of a lot of people, you may find that it angers the very people you are trying to get to buy from you. This can leave a bitter taste in people’s mouths, and do the exact opposite of what you intended.

5. Don’t do campaigns without tracking the results – A lot of business owners do really great until you get to the part where they are supposed to track things. The best marketing strategy in the world is useless until you have a system in place to track all important variables.

Without tracking, how will you be sure that your marketing is successful?

Hopefully the above tips will help you to avoid serious mistakes that can be deadly for the life of your business. It is often better to research as much as you can before jumping to make any decisions.

By researching and evaluating all of the possible small business resources available, you’ll be sure to avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes in the future.

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